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We are pleased to announce that the museum is in the planning stages and that within the next few years, Austin will have one of the largest toy museums in the world!!!

Want to help our children? By presenting classic toys and games, the Austin Toy Museum will join Austin museums with unique presentations of dioramas, classroom setting instruction related to toys and their design, history, and impact. We'll also be developing a mobile program to reach out to children in hospitals and schools. Child education is certainly a focus! Please help kids with your altruism. Donors needed for this toy museum fundraiser. Please click above to participate in the Kickstarter campaign which will lead to the creation of The Austin Toy Museum. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

We accept donations of vintage toys.
Now for the best part. The collection already exists! The museum with feature primarily toys and figurines from the golden age of the 80's and will be comprised of over 20,000 pieces.  The toys range all the way back to the early 1900s.

(diorama's will be fundamental to our presentation)

The museum will feature many rare and unique items including prototypes of action figures acquired directly from some of the people who used to work in these great toy companies.

(An original prototype of the toy "Lion-o" from LJN's Toy line "Thundercats")

The museum will feature action figures, dolls and linked merchandise to all the franchises, and it will also feature over 50 video game systems all the way back to the first home console unit.

Pong anyone?

These video game systems will be available to play!!! If you love arcade games from the 80's,  you will be please to know that the museum will feature some of the most popular arcade games of all time, including Dragons Lair, Space Invaders, Ms. Pacman, Missile Command, Centipede, Asteroids, Q-Bert, Donkey Kong, and Pole Position. All these games are original hardware and will be set to "free play" for all visitors.

(A portion of our current collection of restored arcade games)

Crown jewels of the collection include key comic books which have provided many of our favorite media icons.

(Comics with the first appearance of the X-men's original line up, Magneto, and Spiderman)

Many toy museums are cluttered and over stimulating, but the Austin Toy Museum will display all toys with a refined museum quality of display, that includes the separation of unique lines such as Star Wars, and cataloging these lines properly. Enhancing the visit and setting the tone for guests, many of the displays will be huge dioramas to present related material in the proper tone and format.

(Kenner's Star Wars lineup presented in the Death Star playset.)

Why do we need your help? We plan on making the Austin Toy Museum a cheap and fun destination for families and all toy lovers to enjoy. In order to do that we need to start it without generating massive debt. The money you donate will go towards the building of display cases, the first year of rent on the building, and various other costs (insurance, security systems, etc.).  The Austin Toy Museum may never happen without your help. You will be rewarded for every bit you give, from advance tickets to the museum, to special events and even a special party only for donors. The more you give - the more you get. 

Thanks for looking at our site and we look forward to seeing you all at the museum!

(Our toys are our heart and we love to share them!)

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