The Austin Toy Museum is organized to collect, preserve, and display, and educate the community on the historical relevance and cultural impact of, vintage toys, games, and related ephemera.

Your tax deductible donation of cash, vintage toys, games, and ephemera helps support our mission. Please consider donating today! Contact us or stop by our downtown location for more information on how to make your contribution today.

Our current top wish list includes (however, any and all donations of vintage toys, games, and ephemera are accepted):

Star Wars - Kenner Light Sabers (Red and Green)

G.I. Joe - Nightforce Collection (1988 - 1989); Skyforce Collection (1988 - 1989); Skypatrol  Collection (1990); Powerfighters Collection (1994)

Transformers - Parts and Accessories (All Years)

He- Man and Masters of the Universe - Jet Sled (1986); Wonder Bread He-Man Figure (1981); Bionatops Collection (1987); Beam-Blaster & Artilleray (not a misspelling) Collection (1987); Astro Lion Figure (1987); Megator Figure (1987); Tytus Figure (1987)

M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) - Series Four Collection (1988)

The Real Ghostbusters - Deluxe Ghost Figures (1986); Parts and Accessories (All Years)

Bionic Six - Playset and Van (1986)

Jurassic Park - Full Collection (1993 - 1994)

Thundercats -  Secondary Figures (All Years); Parts and Accessories (All Years)