Spiderman Day!

The Webs Were Spinning! Spiderman Day was 12/3/2016! Spiderman artist Sam de la Rosa joined us. With a new spiderman display, a full Cosplay choreographed fight skit with lots of villians, spiderman costume contest, trivia, video games, arcade games, and special guest Sam De La Rosa who drew Spiderman for Marvel Comics during the 90s, this event was FUN! Thanks to all who attended in support of the Austin Toy Museum and its non-profit mission. A good time in Austin! Proof that museums in Austin serve esoteric tastes.

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A visit to the Austin Toy Museum is always worthwhile!

Mr. Sam de la Rosa shared several insights into his career. From the early days in elementary school, through his experiences with Marvel, DC, Disney, First Comics, Eclipse, and others. The artists who influenced him. And if you ever need any advice about adolescent radioactive black belt hamsters, Sam is the man! A thoroughly enjoyable 30-minute overview of his artistic life in the comics field. Click above.

Above is a brief video segment of one skit presented. Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson introduces Spiderman, who in turn introduces us to his friends Scarlet Spider and Silk. But there are nogoodniks lurking nearby! View to see how it all unfolded...

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